YouTube Marketing Videos: ComScore’s Five Major Video Marketing Findings


COMSCORE published its new finding — “Surviving Upfronts in the Cross Media World” — earlier this week. It is a roadmap for navigating the online media arena as well as serve as a guide to YouTube marketing videos, during the digital and television upfronts held this year.

The report digs into how the online video industry can be utilized to equip conventional TV ads. The report also examines the effectiveness of cross-media promotions and features a host of recommendations for marketers, media buyers, and advertising firms who want to incorporate digital video to their online media arsenal.

According to comScore senior vice president for marketing Judy Bahary, more ad companies are now considering integrating digital video to the services via long-form television and short-form video programming platform.

Bahary stressed that their studies show a great collaboration between digital video platforms and television when these are used together in cross-media promotions, boosting levels of effectiveness more than either format utilized on its own.

She added that as the internet video industry continues to grow, businesses must see it transform from just being a back-up to an integral part of media strategies in the yearly upfronts.

Here are the major findings of the study:

1 – The younger demographic are usually more responsive to online ads compared to television, stressing the significance of adding online video into the planning and acquisitions process.

2 – Online video advertising platforms and providers (i.e. YouTube marketing videos) are as effective as advertisements found on TV. But online video and television have a coherent effect when they are used together.

3 – Integrating a digital video element to a television media format can boost the influence of promotions in an effective way.

4 – Multi-screen audience are a fast-rising element in the online trend and should be promoted to attain maximum market frequency and reach.

5 – Online video audience has already hit the 180 million unique viewers every month. On top of the figure, average levels of engagement are growing as it continues to play a crucial role in the online trend.

It is no surprise that YouTube marketing videos lead the pack when it comes to digital video promotions today, easily attracting more than 140 million unique viewers during the past three months. Yahoo Inc., Vevo and Facebook are the three other online video content providers with more than 150 million total views.


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