Workface Helps Travel Firm Add More “Human” Touch in Online Interactions

WORKFACE, a software development expert based in Minneapolis, is revolutionizing the way a travel firm does business by helping it add a more “human touch” to its presence on the Internet.

Travel Leaders of Fargo of North Dakota is making things more “personal” with its clients by integrating an interesting blend of video, voice, email and chat in its day to day online operations.

The new technology has greatly enhanced the efficiency of TLF in reaching out more deeply to potential clients and helping the travel company establish a more solid base for long-term connections.

According to TLF owner Cindy Tiyo, the key element of integrating Workface to the firm’s presence online is the necessity to corner and take advantage of potential leaders on the internet.

Quick online access

Tiyo said that TLF aims to “virtually” put their travel agents in online sites where prospects and customers could quickly link with the firm and give TLF agents a competitive edge through engaging video, voice and chat offerings.

“In other words, Workface allows the company to get in touch with people online, through ways that other companies can not.” Travel Leaders of Fargo began with 3 Workface software slots, but decided to add 3 more after its test launch.

TLF’s Workface Client Engagement Platform (WCEP) software enables marketing executives, sales managers and customer service personnel to create personal profiles reachable through the TLF website.

The WCEP software introduces a more personal twist in the often “mechanical” and routine method in which some travel companies have been running their business for many years.

The human touch

Lief Larson, Workface president and founder, said that with the new communications platform, online interaction with would-be clients and other site guests becomes more “human” and more like talking to another person face-to-face.

Larson stressed that almost 90 percent of clients exercise enough diligence on the internet before they purchase anything. This allows TLF to interact with a more personal touch to different types of people online.

A specially-designed Workface profile does not only have to remain in a customer’s company website. It can also exist in other places where a client may run across with when scouring the virtual stratosphere for information, such as through social networking sites like Facebook.

Workface, which has produced at least $2.6 million in business financing since August of 2011, features four major advantages for businesses: Real-Time Systems, Identity Control, Relationship Management, and Imagery.

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