What People These Days Think About “Virality” of Internet Marketing Video


A VIDEO, especially if it’s “viral”, really does attract attention. The mere mention alone of the word can stir up online discussions on what viral really means and how it affects your internet marketing video business or blog.

Yesterday, the question was asked about viral videos on LinkedIn: Does a web-based marketing video have to be “viral” to make a business successful and popular?

Majority of the answers had huge similarities, but one concept stood out: Most web video makers and enthusiasts are not so meticulous about the “virality” of their videos.

What online video businesses and professionals want is to get the attention of clients and make them become interested in their brand and services. Below are some of their opinion and observations:

“Virality” is an overrated concept

Even the best and costliest videos made by the most popular brands fail to reach their targeted audience, while a 2-minute one-shot camera recorder can be as effective in capturing people’s attention. It’s all about timing and having a unique approach to be able to relate to what people really want to hear and see.

It’s all about business – nothing personal

An effective internet marketing video that reaches millions of households does not necessarily mean it can make dollars. While a good video may make the designer feel good, it may do quite less in terms of sales, or even entice the wrong customers. Videos must be as engaging as the audience want them and must meet their expectations.

Success depends on target market

Most business videos are created for a reason. For instance, product demos are designed to assist buyers in coming up with a decision. Videos can also describe your brand or show a testimonial with satisfied clients. The key is to teach prospective customers and make them buy.

Video should make people buy

An online video must drive the audience to click beyond the clip, share it and not visit any other site. An online video must lead the audience to a website, grab a shopping cart, or a squeeze or landing page and make them buy whatever it is you’re selling or promoting.

Matching an identity

Each internet marketing video that you create should match your product or brand identity. The concept here is to promote an image that people will recognize and have always stood for whatever kind of marketing ploy you initiate and want your product to be linked with.


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