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How I Made $45 In 15 Minutes Using A Video Marketing Tactic That "Sucks"
(over 300 copies sold!)

I'm gonna show you step-by-step exactly how I made $45 in 15 minutes using a video marketing tactic that "sucks". I call it the "Mini Video Funnel" because it "sucks" leads into a small funnel, and spits them out as instant buyers. But more on that in a minute....

If your like me, then I know your always looking for strategies that allow you to work less and make more money online so you can concentrate on those areas in your business that can potentially make you more money. Thereby expanding your little streams of income that flow into the big river of money.

You are treating your online money making strategies as a business aren't you? If your not, then you need to be, but enough on that for now.

Think of my video marketing tactic as a little auto pilot income stream that you can implement within moments. This little gem of a stream is part of a powerful video marketing tactic funnel that very few people use, and if they do use it, their not doing it correctly or to the fullest potential.

With this video marketing funnel, everybody who watches your videos are already highly targeted.

Its a video marketing funnel that Sucks...... It sucks highly targeted leads into your funnel and turns them into instant buyers

Nice little funnel isn't it?

If you were to add just this one technique to your existing marketing arsenal, you'll be able to earn more and more each day with less effort.

You Don't Even Need Your Own Video

Heck, You don't even have to use your own video if you don't want to!

Yep, if you don't have the capability to make your own videos or your too lazy to make them, you can use some of my videos.

In fact I'm gonna let you use the exact same videos that earned me $45 in 15 minutes so you can't go wrong. Or you can make your own videos, either way this can still make you instant cash.

So how many video do you need?

Two videos, Thats it. Piece of cake isn't it?

I'll show you how to use two videos that can generate instant cash for you on auto pilot using my video marketing tactic I call the "Mini Video Funnel".

Oh, and if your thinking that my profit sucking "Mini Video Funnel" strategy I reveal to you is by locking you into some sort of affiliate of mine, thats not how this works.

What is It?

I wish I could tell you exactly what this is all about but I can't. In fact the name "Mini Video Funnel" I only use on this page here because the true name of my funnel might give things away to unscrupulous competitors. But once you watch my video, read my step-by-step special report, and download the flow chart that goes with it, you'll know exactly why I can't reveal as much as I would like to here.

But I assure you this has nothing to do with making content pages full of videos and Adsense, or any combination of those.

This has nothing to do with posting videos to video sharing sites like YouTube, Revver, MetaCafe, Daily Motion, etc..

I could go on and on and list all the "typical" video marketing tactics, but that would just be a waste of time.

You want to know how my "Mini Video Funnel" can "suck" for you right now, and how it can spit out instant buyers for you with virtually no effort to set up. You could already be using part of it but just don't know it yet.....

Oh, did I mention that once you set up my "Mini Video Funnel", that it will continue to run on auto pilot?

Just set it and forget it. Kinda like setting a clock when you only set the time once, and then you forget about it.

Don't you hate having to keep tweaking things?

That's part of the beauty of this, set it and forget it, maybe I should have called it "Auto Pilot Video Machine". lol

Well now you can add my set it and forget it "Mini Video Funnel" to your marketing arsenal.

The Video Marketing Funnel That "Sucks"

Have you ever used a marketing funnel that "sucked" so good that it made you instant cash within minutes of implimenting it?

I didn't either until I discovered this little secret I'm gonna share with you.

Heres how it went down....

My first lead got sucked into my video funnel within 16 minutes after I implemented it and was spit out the other end as an instant buyer 7 minutes after being sucked into my funnel when they bought an Affiliate product I promote. (can also be your own product/service)

7:00 pm - I Implement my "Mini Video Funnel"
7:16 pm - First lead gets sucked into my "Mini Video Funnel"
7:23 pm - First leads buys $45 product 7 minutes after being sucked into my "Mini Video Funnel"
(I include screenshots of proof in my "Mini Video Funnel" package)

I'll walk you through my "Mini Video Funnel" in step-by-step detail and reveal to you exactly how I made $45 in 15 minutes. I'll also show you how it all works, why it works, and how to set it up to work for you too.

Your gonna laugh when I reveal to you exactly where 90% of marketers screw up and how you can capitalize on their mistakes.

I kept seeing marketers making the same mistakes over and over. Everybody from newbies to even the world's top Internet marketing "gurus" are making the same mistake.

I just can't figure out WHY they haven't discovered this, or WHY they haven't changed what their doing?

I can understand how newbies may not know this, but the "gurus" have no excuse for making this mistake. I'll even reveal to you how the gurus are losing piles of cash each day by not using it, and why this means more money for you.

I guess their just too busy promoting the latest and greatest product to take notice...

But hey, Its all good. Better tactics for me and the smart marketers I share it with.

Will you be one of the smart marketers that I share my "Mini Video Funnel" with?

Obviously only you can make that decision...

But let me just say that I'm not "new in town". I've been at this marketing game since July of 1997. I've been making a full time living 100% online since shortly after I got started in 1997. You can listen to a short interview excerpt to find out more about me by Clicking Here- (a new window will popup)

Lets just say I know a few things about marketing that I can share with you. Not only with video, but with virtually all marketing aspects.

I just don't go around waving my flag all over town. You might say I'm slightly "reclusive", or "under the radar", for lack of a better word.

Maybe your the same way?

Maybe you like to sit behind your little ol' computer and tap away on the keyboard all day, or after you get home from work, trying to make a buck each day .

You See, thats my point....

Save yourself time from guessing, or trying to figure out exactly what works, and why it works. My "Mini Video Funnel" is no different.

Learn from an expert that's been in the marketing trenches for over 10 years. Somebody who not only studies and applies the latest marketing trends daily, but knows how to test, tweak, and apply marketing tactics by putting his own spin on things for the greatest return.

Get instant access to my "Mini Video Funnel" and start sucking up nuggets of exclusive content by watching my video, reading my special report, downloading the accompanied flow chart, and I'll show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to capitalize with your very own "Mini Video Funnel".

Start Using A Video Marketing Tactic
That "Sucks"!

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What Else Do You Need to Know?

- Includes my step-by-step Video
- Includes my step-by-step special report
- Includes my flow chart
- Includes access to free pre-made videos that "suck"

What are you waiting for? Start using my video marketing tactic that "sucks" in profits!

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