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Video Marketing Products

Video Marketers Club
Get Access To the Hottest Video Marketing Tactics Online! Includes Access To All My Products AND much more! Access proprietary Software, Tools, Scripts, viral video network, MP'3, forum and more! Considered the "Holy Grail" of video marketing. Access Everything you need, and everything you need to know to be successful with your video marketing! Click Here To Go There Now

NEW!"Video Spinner"- Spin 1 Video into 120
I just released Video Spinner to the general public which will show you how
to create 1 video and then spin that video into 120 unique traffic pulling videos.

You will learn why you need to spin your videos and what you should do
with your videos after you have spun them into unique videos.

"Instant Video Cloaker"
A hot new "underground" video promotional tool that you can let your affiliates use to instantly cloak their affiliate links to promote your products or services. A high-tech affiliate marketing tool for affiliate marketers so they can increase their sales and profits by cloaking their affiliate links without owning or developing their own product. Your own professional looking video flash player to play your videos on your websites and blogs.

"Video Marketing For Lazy Cash Lovers"
42-page special report on how to legally use other peoples videos for boatloads of traffic and easy profits

"Killer Video Conversions"
New 7-Step Brutally Effective Formula To Turn Your Video Viewers Into Frenzied Buyers. Add This new clever video marketing tactic to your arsenal that will suck video viewers directly from YouTube straight to your website where you can sell whatever you want to them Click Here

"DVD & CD Profit Machine"
Make huge profits creating your own stunning DVD & CD products. Find out how to quickly create and market CD's & DVD's for big profits. Create new products for bonuses or for massive backend profits, whatever you want. Save hundreds on outsourcing. Save 60% less than the most well know online duplication company charges. See real examples and pictures of what you need to do to create your own disks and earn massive backend products. Includes Video.

"Video, Article, Blog Profits"
Watch video how I made $37 using a video I got from YouTube, a few articles, and a blog from only 18 clicks within a few hours! Includes 7 New Training Videos- Quik Profits Using Video, Articles & Blogs. Click Here To Watch Video

"Upload Video Pro Software"
Upload Your videos automatically to 20 different video sharing sites to get massive traffic. Includes software and step-by-step video Click Here To See How It Works!

"Create & Brand Your Own Videos"
Watch Step-by-step videos showing you how to quickly create your own simple videos ready to put on-line to increase your traffic and sales to your website!

"Video Marketers Tool Kit"
If you create videos, upload videos, brand videos, embed videos, or market videos, then you need this package!

Video Web Wizard Software
Quickly put your videos on your website with your choice of 9 cool flash players to choose from. This software will convert your video files to .FLV format for online viewing. Convert videos files such as AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, FLV, VOB, ASF, and MP4 Video Formats to FLV for the web. The software will automatically create a web page with your video embedded, or if you want, just copy and paste the video code into your existing web pages. Go Here To Watch Video To See How it Works

"Secret Video Marketing Tactics"
Secret Video Marketing Tactics To Make Your Sales Go Ballistic.
Use these video marketing tactics to "silently" make a killing....
Many of you have been waiting for this and it's Finally available for download. I reveal the quickest ways to make your sales go ballistic using video.

"Mini Video Funnel"
How I made $45 In 15 minutes using a video marketing tactic that "sucks". I show how you can start "Sucking" In Profits Today with Your Very Own "Mini Video Funnel"!

"YouTube Strip" & "3 Step Whammy"
I show you step-by-step how to get stupid amounts of free traffic To Your Website, CPA Offers, or Affiliate Programs Within Minutes from YouTube using these video marketing tactics I reveal. Works in any niche everytime.

Video Marketing Training Call
Web Conference training call I did for the students of Fernando Ceballos & Raymond Fong with Attraction Marketing. I cover many aspects of video marketing tactics such as pre-sells, traffic, site conversions, on-site and off-site marketing, as well as clear cut technical aspects and free sources for video production and numerous video tips for Internet marketing, video marketing, production. Awesome content!

Auto Submit To 17 Video Directories
In this video tutorial I show you step-by-step how to auto submit your videos to 17 video sharing sites to get massive traffic. I also reveal other clever tactis that you can apply to all your marketing efforts.

Wordpress "Comment Bot Nuker"
If you have a Wordpress blog then you need this! Find out how to instantly Kill all future spam that the relentless bots keep hammering your blog with. You thank me later for this....

To Your Success!

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