The Impact of Video Marketing to Small Online Businesses


ASK any online entrepreneur what techniques they are using these days and there’s a big chance that you will hear the word “video” mentioned most of the time. Many businesses today are naturally intimidated by the concept of video marketing and that is understandable.

The first things business owners ask: How much will it cost me? Do we have the resources and skills to deal with this? Can we make money out of it? Is it worth all the risk? And if big companies still raise these queries, you can be sure that there are some small firms that are even more doubtful.

However, the great news is that video marketing today is not really intimidating as some people might think. Truth is, the overall cost of producing a video has reached a level where there are no longer any obstacles to entry which means that for startups video marketing represents a lucrative opportunity. Businesses only need to be bold enough to take the risk.

Here are three things that small companies and startups must consider in doing business online:

1 – Video marketing does not have to be very expensive

You do not need top of the line gadget and equipment to produce powerful video clips these days. Smartphones and even flip-cameras can actually do the job. Or better yet, make use of your PowerPoint software to make cool animations and slides that you can convert to voice-enhanced videos to share with your prospective clients. Creating quality videos should not be too heavy on the pocket.

2 – Be part of the action

According to a recent report by Social Media Examiner, of all the things that online video marketing professionals plan to pour out money for, video ranks first and foremost. This is simply ahead of blogs, social networking, and other advertising and publishing channels and tools. Nearly 4,000 online businesses can not be wrong, can they?

3 – Video has the power to entice people

Although it’s not the only video destination on the web, YouTube is definitely the largest. With hundreds of millions of views day in and day out, creating content for YouTube can do great things for promoting your product or service and boosting your presence online. YouTube videos also are also the darling of Google searches, making your efforts, especially in search engine optimization and video marketing, so much easier.

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