Five Tips to Make a Great Marketing Online Video

CONSUMPTION of internet video continues to rise in popularity, with more than 180 million people having viewed almost 38 billion videos in April last year, based on comScore’s statistics.  The top 5 channels alone, like Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft’s and Yahoo!’s networks can give an effective medium for promoting your marketing online video ventures.

But, it’s worth remembering that figures can tell a different, if not confusing, story. While many customers will boast of online channels that feature seven-figure play counts, many still find it hard to crack the 6-figure subscriber target.

For online entrepreneurs looking to effectively brand their ventures, or message services and products, short-form film content can be a hugely cost-efficient method to link up with the masses. Here are some online video tactics that can help you:

Focus on content: While audio quality and lighting must be genuine, value and authenticity have a greater impact on the internet than Hollywood-material production budgets. Affordable digicams can help spell the difference and help you capture great product shots, events or testimonials at low cost.

Define your goal: It is hard, if not impossible, to engage in a successful marketing online video project without defining first your metrics for success. Whether your goal is enhance page views, boost subscriber numbers or jack up sales, before charting promotional activities, identify your major performance indicators.

Look ahead: Before recording, select one to three important message points that you want to send across, and pick a unique concept and angle thru which to show them. Begin videos by summarizing a few sound bites in a simple yet catchy punchline that will immediately differentiate both your approach and charm. Remember: you only have 10 seconds or less to create an impression.

Promote each video: No matter how well-designed videos are, consumers will not always be there to watch it. With tons of new videos jockeying for attention every single day, discovery is crucial. To enhance the chances of connecting, develop videos in the form of a branded episodes, or unique programs that can be marketed as unique content elements.

Premier the best content: While videos must later on migrate to aggregators, begin by premiering on your site your best marketing online video content, at least for a certain period of time. This guides viewers on how often to visit your desired destination, allows for a steady stream of traffic, and lets you set up an external call to action within reach.


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