Boosting Your Online Campaigns with Facebook Video Marketing Tactic

FACEBOOK and YouTube: for businesses of any type, using these two popular social networking sites to engage with clients, get publicity, and create a good video marketing tactic and essential brand. But the two online empires serve different goals, so companies will have to make a distinct approach for each.

At the recently held Media East Streaming gab, a group of experts gathered to tackle how to make a Facebook tactic and how to motivate people to take action. Mara Winokor, Starz SVP, told how her firm makes use of Facebook to create subscriber’s interest.

According to Winokor, people use Facebook for their marketing and I do not mean marketing solely for the Starz label, but for individual shows such as “Boss,” “Magic City,” and “Spartacus”, among many others. Winokor added that they’d like to capitalize and make money from this trend.

Winokor also pointed out that, based on his observations “the goals are on how we keep someone interested in a particular show, considering that we’re a channel that is based on subscription.”

“How do we get people to become interested in our shows so that we can get convince them to subscribe?

He asked: “how do you convince people?? We have a digital advertising staff that is largely digital marketing focused, so when the show is shown live they will be on Facebook, they will be tweeting, or they will have a commentary from the major stars.”

Winokor said that “what my team does is team up with them along with the channel as a whole to create and develop interesting things like, for instance, Facebook ‘Spartacus’ social media games.”

Meanwhile, social media expert for SoCal Socialite Erin Gargen emphasized the the various nuances of a Facebook video marketing tactic.

According to Gargen, “Facebook is more of a public relations medium than a marketing or advertising site.” He said that “people need to be extra careful when they are inserting their product messaging into social communication, because many people do not visit the site to buy things from you. They are on Facebook to view their friend’s or children’s photos, to monitor their news feed, and to check on other news, like box scores, or current events.”

Photos and videos posted to Facebook receive the biggest rates of engagement, Gargen said.

When editing videos, Gargen advised businesses to take a suggestion from the streaming convention and go straight to the core of the video marketing tactic.


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Improve the Marketing, Advertising Value of Your Corporate Event with a Solid Video Production Service


IF you are planning to host a live event you should be prepared to allocate enough resources, such as money and time. The so-called average “shelf life” of a typical live event is 24-hours or two days. After this, your prospective customers return to their usual grind and forget about the event. By using a video production service to record the important educational information of an event can give many benefits to your business – from adding value and branding your social media content, relationship, and delivering advertising results as well as amortizing event costs.

Several professional organizations hold events for commercial development purposes. The goal of these events are not to produce instant sales, but to underscore the skills and expertise inherent in these firms to be able to create bonds. A big number of these events are simplified with a question-and-answer activity. These Q&A activities range from 25 to 40 minutes and can have several related topics being tackled with highly-embraced exchange of information. Then the event is finished.

This is where a solid video production service will help individuals and businesses improve the return on investment (ROI) and marketing value of an event’s investment. Your video marketing program will let you determine, not just one, but a host of videos that replicate the Q&A portion of your event.

The result will be 9-16+ pieces of video marketing information that that can be valued content for your brand awareness, social planning and day to day marketing and sales teams. Your marketing staff can use these important bits of web video content over and over again – on social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, on LinkedIn, on your email newsletters, blog, your own website or other marketing outlets.

Thus extending the shelf life of your planned event to more outlets will give it more opportunities to generate leads, create bonds, and provide more value. If your business has several sites, there are even more opportunities for ROI.  Since lots of events are in the local scene, a well- executed video production service will let the online marketing content to be conveniently shared for marketing and sales purposes by your business regardless of their geographical location. Start seeing the advantages of web video by integrating a solid online video marketing campaign into your upcoming social or corporate events.


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